These are all real... And there are more...
  1. " Met a woman painter at the party, she is well known but can't get a commision at the moment and is thinking of signing up to be a crowd artist to make enough money to live!! Anyway. on that happy note I will sign off with so much love to you my darling girl."
  2. "You are lucky to have the ability to study."
  3. "All is well here, the group at the Manor are coming over for supper on Sunday and I shall hear all about Sarah's week in Crete."
  4. "Am going in to have my other eye fixed on the 13th October. Hadn't realised how blind I was getting. The cataract operation is great . The only thing is that I can see all the lines on my face, I had no idea that they were so deep. I looked in three mirrors and they all told me the same story."
  5. "Forgive punctuation, one of my many failings."
  6. "What is your job there, are you stage managing? That's how I started at the Theatre Royal in Windsor and it has help me so much in ordinary life."
  7. "My pheasant has been very lonely but has just been joined by a partridge. They are very sweet together, I think he is young and the pheasant is giving him advice and showing him where the food is!"
    She had about 10 pheasants that visit her every day. When I was little, one named Percy would often visit us.
  8. "To wake up each morning to have rain beating on the windows and having to have the lights on all the time, its pretty grim for August. Anyway, we shall soldier on!"
    She lives in Cornwall. It rains. A LOT.
  9. "My birds have all come back and they are starting to pair off, I had two robins and two woodpeckers here this morning but a bird of prey has decided to hang around, I have seen it sitting on the wall a couple of times, can do without that.l
    She really loves her birds.
  10. "I am so proud of you not drinking, it's getting so bad here. can only end in tears and an early grave."
  11. "I'm painting again and play bridge every week so what more could a person want ."
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  12. "So sorry our video session was a wash out for you. I must find out how to get you on my buddy list, I'm such a duffer."
    Anybody know what a "duffer" is?