1. When someone validates me.
    For anything, really. But mainly if I carry out a task.
  2. When someone validates my feelings that a person I think is batshit crazy is, in fact, batshit crazy.
    It just warms my heart.
  3. Going to Disneyland when the Disneyland Crowd Tracker™ reads "Ghost Town"
  4. Going to a show at the Hollywood Bowl
    Particularly any music show. Saw Adele, Janelle Monae, Donna Summer, and every summer musical. It's my home away from home.
  5. A really good cheese plate.
    Cheese brings me such joy.
  6. When there's no traffic in Los Angeles.
    Carmaggedon was the best day ever.
  7. When there's a couple on a TV show that I want to kiss ACTUALLY kiss.
    If it's not me getting any, it might as well be my favorite TV characters. God Bless. 💋💋👍👍
  8. Chocolate
    This one is self-explanatory
  9. Going to the beach by myself.
    Did this the other day. Highly recommend. Bring your music and enjoy.