1. When he thought he was joining us at Disneyland.
  2. When he studied his lines for his audition.
  3. When he got drunk and almost fell off the couch.
  4. When he wouldn't stop crying so we swaddled him like a baby.
  5. When he hosted a Fireside Chat about the luxurious life he leads.
  6. When he was super helpful putting up Christmas lights.
  7. When he decided he should dress up at Santa Paws instead.
  8. When he snuggled up LIKE AN ACTUAL CHILD.
  9. When he gave me a high five.
  10. When he found a graveyard and was super excited about it.
  11. When he watches his favorite show, Law and Order: SVU
  12. When he was the "child" to my mother's "Madonna"
  13. When he took a selfie on his walk.
  14. When he snuggled with his teddy bear.
  15. When he got drunk off Corona.
  16. When he gave MAJOR attitude to the dogs we were babysitting.
  17. When he was super excited about a road trip!
  18. When he videochatted.