1. When he thought he was joining us at Disneyland.
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  2. When he studied his lines for his audition.
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  3. When he got drunk and almost fell off the couch.
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  4. When he wouldn't stop crying so we swaddled him like a baby.
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  5. When he hosted a Fireside Chat about the luxurious life he leads.
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  6. When he was super helpful putting up Christmas lights.
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  7. When he decided he should dress up at Santa Paws instead.
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  8. When he snuggled up LIKE AN ACTUAL CHILD.
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  9. When he gave me a high five.
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  10. When he found a graveyard and was super excited about it.
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  11. When he watches his favorite show, Law and Order: SVU
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  12. When he was the "child" to my mother's "Madonna"
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  13. When he took a selfie on his walk.
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  14. When he snuggled with his teddy bear.
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  15. When he got drunk off Corona.
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  16. When he gave MAJOR attitude to the dogs we were babysitting.
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  17. When he was super excited about a road trip!
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  18. When he videochatted.
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