1. The Bravermans- Parenthood
    The most emotionally open and beautiful family. No judgements.
  2. The Tanners- Full House
    There is a mystery staircase in that house. Who WOULDN'T want to know where that leads?
  3. The Conrads- Nashville
    I need to sing a duet with Lennon and Maisy aka Maddie and Daphne. Third sister. Done.
  4. The Grants- Scandal
    I'd be a "first child" of the United States and that feels right.
  5. The Taylors - Friday Night Lights
    Tammy and Eric have a strong relationship and are able to tackle tough issues as a team. He is a maker of men and she is an academic with a good heart. They each have strong moral compasses and definitely could use a son (me!)
    Suggested by @Nicholas