The only way to travel.
  1. Marty Hom
    The most brilliant tour manager in all the land. Every production with him has a tag line: "It's always calm, with Marty Hom." He has a great group of people who make traveling so smooth. They pick up your bags in your hotel room and transfer them to the next city. When you arrive, your bags are already in your room. You only ever travel with carry on. It's the best thing ever.
  2. Hotel Rooms
    I had to be near the director; the director had to be near Barbra--so I stayed in every hotel Barbra stayed in, usually a few doors down. I always had my own suite. Some of my favorite hotels included: The Dorchester in London, Hotel Le St-James in Montreal, InterContinental Amstel in Amsterdam, and Dan Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv.
  3. Learn the Language
    If we were in a different city that's national language was NOT English, Barbra always wanted to start the concert speaking that native language. So, it became my task to seek out hotel concierges who spoke the language and ask them to record themselves saying the phrases so Barbra could match it. (Fun Fact: Barbra speaks near fluent French--she'll tell you she doesn't, but I've heard her, it's damn near perfect).
  4. Airplanes
    I hate them. Like, hate HATE them. But, I was so exhausted, 95% of the time, that turbulence and airplanes became no problem at all. I flew commercially the entire time EXCEPT when we traveled from Berlin to Tel Aviv. Barbra's manager had to go ahead of us so there was an extra seat on her private plane. I sat across from her while she held my large, white Monster headphones on her ears and sang Avinu Malkeinu.
  5. Free Time
    I didn't get a lot of it, but I did get a few days off here and there. I got to explore London and see a few friends who live there- and my grandma! I went to Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam, I spent the day with Kendall (Barbra's dresser) walking around Berlin and braving the Tel Aviv outdoor market places. In Vancouver, there is a little town called "Shaughnessy" named after my ancestors. I walked around and found a dress and the bust of my great x6 grandfather in a museum. 👍🏼
  6. Travel
    I understand how lucky I am to have had these experiences 5 months out of college and recently I've wanted to travel more and more. I went to some cities that I would probably never have gone to in my lifetime because of Barbra and I got to do it in style, which I am forever grateful for. If you get the opportunity to travel, take it. If there's one thing in my life that I truly regret, it's that I didn't do a year abroad. Travel, travel.