1. Kristen Wiig
    I would watch a fantasy western zombie movie so long as K Wiig was in it. Btw the name of this movie would be Cowboy Brainz with a Z because I'm attracted to the demographic that this language entices.
  2. Bradley Cooper
    This is a no brainer (that is also the name of the Cowboy Brainz sequel, in which Bradley would star).
  3. Gillian Anderson
    Honestly I know she mostly does television (The X Files, Hannibal, Crisis etc) but I swear this woman is actually perfect and I'd watch a shitty movie if it would mean I could look at her darling face.
  4. Viola Davis
    Even though any movie with Viola in would be amazing because she's just that good.
  5. Anna Kendrick
    The human embodiment of sunshine
  6. Julianne Moore
  7. Idris Elba