Lies I've Told Whilst Babysitting

  1. "If you don't go to bed right now, Santa won't be able to see you on the sleeping camera and if he doesn't, he won't know you exist"
    This was a cheap shot
  2. "It's 9pm, it's the middle of the night!!"
    They're to young to recognize the scientific inaccuracies of my statements
  3. "I can't play catch James, it's no-catch day! It only comes once decade."
    I then spent a rough 8 minutes describing the definition of the word decade
  4. "You can't have a pretzel now Ruby, your stomach doesn't work properly after 8:30 pm!"
    I wanted that pretzel for myself
  5. Don't miss your mom, you'll have 100 more years to spend with her!
    I wanted him to just fucking sleep already
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