1. What is grinding?
    This one came from a drunken 60 year old woman who'd returned from a Christmas party after having asked me to dog sit (she has 7 adorable puppies)
  2. Why are teenagers so slutty now? When I was your age........
    I get this too often. We aren't slutty, like, at all. We're just trying to live up to the societal standards of beauty that YOU set for us.
  3. Why are you lot always on those phones?
    for the most part we are on our phones a lot because we're connecting with one another. My generation is united by the Internet and there's a strange sense of companionship among us all- it makes me feel more purposeful and recognized
  4. You're always on that machine! It will ruin your brain!
    This is more of comment than a question, but I still find it appropriate. By machine they mean laptop, and no it will not. My intelligence has been greatly improved by my ability to access information and keep up with current events and have intellectual conversation with those online.