From best to worst.
  1. Winter
    Winter is cold and crisp and quiet. It's the holiday season which makes it both glamorous and cozy. Something about winter is comforting and homely, and I adore this time of year.
  2. Autumn
    I love Autumn fashion. That is the main reason why Autumn is number 2, but also because I love the cold and comfortable, so this cute transition season is a favourite.
  3. Summer
    Summer is beautiful and exciting. School is off and it's warm and you're free to do as you please. Summer's are filled with new experiences and beachside cocktails, it's freeing and lovable.
  4. Spring
    I don't like Spring. It isn't winter it isn't summer, people are wearing quarter length jeans (I cannot pull these off), I just don't love it. You picture it as sunny and filled with green field and colorful flowers, but I live in The Netherlands and it just pisses with rain all spring, and even though it's still cold, you can't put on your uggs without fear of judgement. It isn't all bad, it's just not a favourite.