Currently working on an ongoing project on meetups, documenting the irl communities fostered by the interwebs. An anthropological project of sorts showing how everybody has their "thing" and how the Internet brings people together *just a selection!
  1. My very first meetup was a pug meetup on Staten Island--their annual pool party. No, I don't own a pug and I actually live in Greenpoint. It seemed like a good life experience and I was right. There were nearly 30 pugs in the organizers backyard.
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  2. A nationwide network of dads meetups. This was taken during baby wearing week...a whole squad of dads walking down the highline in NYC.
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  3. Geeky girls of orlando Florida. These ladies felt like there weren't any opportunities to connect with women interested in tech and was either male dominated or incredibly misogynistic
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  4. Scrapbook meetup in Franklin, TN. These ladies all bond over the art and importance of memory keeping. Scrap booking was the original social network tbh
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  5. Lesbian Cougars and Cubs picnic meetup in Oakland. These women feel like it's not as socially acceptable as the cougar cub relationship is with straight couples and they are trying to change that. Only two people showed up (sigh) I don't like the photo but a topic I will revisit
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  6. Harry Potter. Need I say anything more?
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  7. Self reliance meetup in Nashville where we bonded over reading maps and trying to live without a cell phone
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  8. Doug the Pug. An instagram/Twitter famous dog had a huge meetup in Central Park. This project has nothing to do with "being weird", but watching over 100 millennials waiting in a long line to take a selfie with a dog and then leave is slightly peculiar
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  9. Ada Nieves runs "chihuahua nation" a fb group (and other platforms) dedicated to chihuahuas. This is from the New York chapter's annual picnic
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  10. I went to a vape meet down south and left feeling like their community was misunderstood! Idiots vaping on the subway give them a bad reputation. It felt like a former smoker therapy session
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  11. I went dumpster diving with freegans and then cooked a feast. I can't say i would want to do it again, but food waste is an enormous problem
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  12. Henry Ford meetup in Detroit. This guy started it because he is single and wanted to have people to go to the museum with.
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