Forever young, baby
  1. The other day a publication asked if I wanted to cover an adult prom
  2. I wasn't available. But...
  3. Do you think I live under a rock?! Of course I've already been to one!
  4. I have an ongoing list of things I'm interested in (similar to my list below) and a year or two ago an adult prom was on that list
  5. They are few and far between, but I found one out on Long Island and was like, yes, I'm going
    Side note: fucking love Long Island. You are all haters if you don't!
  6. There is a great Nytimes article from 2011:
    I really hope the Style section does their own take at some point
  7. Anyway. It's out in Ronkonkoma. I've strangely been there too many times for shoots. I arrive at the hotel, which I discover is the same venue as a Doctor Who convention I went to
  8. As you would expect, everyone is in gowns
  9. There was a buffet of pasta, Chinese food, and some sort of stew.
  10. There were maybe 15 people there.
    It was the sort of scenario that is hard to make it not look depressing 😩
  11. There was dancing!
  12. Sex toys!
  13. Alcohol!
  14. Massages!
    Wish we had this at my prom
  15. You could even get an angel reading
    Yes, I obviously got one. She warned me about an ex who I did get back with briefly... Why didn't she just tell me to stay away? Girl. She even mentioned how much my dog loves me. How sweet ❤️
  16. 🌹
  17. Mingling mingling
  18. Prom pix of sorts
  19. More couples
  20. And then, of course, there was a prom king and queen. It was unclear who the judges or the criteria
  21. The crown
  22. Happy vibes
  23. Then someone else got a sash too and I don't have an explanation for you. I don't think they do either
    Adult prom needs no rules!
  24. And then I went back to the city.
  25. I'll post my puppy prom pix next