1. "I have lots of magazines for you to look at!" my Uber driver, who speaks very little English, as he pulls out countless porn magazines
    The raunchy stuff
  2. "What are you even doing? You should be at home -- studying and cleaning." Cab driver proceeds to not let me out of his cab until his lecture is over about marriage etc and has attempted to make me feel bad about my choices lmao. Suck it
    4am cabs 👼
  3. Lyft driver: "What do you guys do for a living?" Im a photographer and she's an editor. "So you're both waitresses?"
  4. Uber driver in Palm Springs to my sister: "you know what you sound like? A valley girl."
  5. Cab driver, 10pm after a shoot: "you're going home?!? Wow. How old are you? You're not at a club? That's depressing"