I am predictable at best
  1. I tend to travel a lot in a condensed period of time, followed by a month of time in NYC for work, meetings etc
  2. I tend to get to a point where I think "Fuck New York." It smells, people are mean, my apartment has like, one window...
    Often triggered by space, drawn out jobs, men, shitty situations at large etc etc. New York is otherwise (obviously) a good place to live. I'm not ungrateful alwaya
  3. Then, the call comes. It's time to get on the road. I find out I have to rent a car and the inner turmoil begins. I'm never nervous about the shoot, instead, the rental car
    I am always convinced that I am a bad driver and I won't remember how to drive since I've been living in the city so long
  4. I survive the rental car situation (hopefully in future situations as well)
  5. "This is amazing. Why do I choose to live in New York?" I think to myself
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    I envision myself being one of those art school kids turned farmers lmao jk never gonna happen
  6. Typically traveling alone, loves it at first, followed by loneliness and seeing everyone in the suburbs with their significant others
    Sad trombone sound
  7. I come back to NYC for maybe like two days and go somewhere else. Typically somewhere in California
    Feels tired, but ready. If it's not la it's another major city that is comparable but might not have Palm trees
  8. Los Angeles is the only place I would ever live otherwise, and so whenever I have to go for work I am excited
    I love to see the traffic from the plane window and I always play Let Me Back In by Rilo Kiley when I am landing (so glad they released that song after yrs of it being a demo)
  9. Eats an acai bowl, looks at Palm trees, admires the hot la bros, again wonders why I live in NY
    Followed by me looking at condos for sale. I will eventually just buy a place out there probs
  10. Feels like I'm living the dream, my mom will text me a pic of my dog im neglecting being away, starts to miss her
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    She goes on vaca to grandma's house
  11. I'll crank out a ton of work, begin to feel exhausted
  12. I then get sent somewhere seedy
    It's funny at first and then suddenly all I want is kale and brooklyn
  13. Puts on happy face, feels tired
  14. Starts to miss New York, begins to feel like I'm missing out on things that probably aren't fun anyway
  15. Goes to airport, flight is often delayed. (I am cursed.) I arrive back in NYC and the cab driver will yell at me about how he didn't want to take me to Greenpoint, where I live, and I think God I missed you all so much
  16. Repeat