1. Chris Maggio. (@ chrismaggio) I remember being disgusted/amazed by his tumblr Male Chef. His instagram is a feed of his work... Signature lighting, color palette and sense of humor. You won't be disappointed
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  2. Jess Lehrman (@ jessierocks) Jess is just genuinely cool and had an interesting hippy upbringing. She shoots a lot of music and portraits (including this ace pic of Donald trump)
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  3. Dina Litovsky (@ dina_litovsky) queen of nightlife. Her photos for nymag during nyfw made me care/want to photograph the hell hole that is fashion week. Terrific photographer who uses flash in a way that is dark/mysterious/hot
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  4. Thomas Prior. No shortage of stellar pix from all over the world on assignment (@ thomas_prior)
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  5. Chris Schnoover (@ cschnoover) fellow photographer involved with vsco's artist initiative. Endless eye candy, pretty girls, and feels fashion oriented in a subtle way. He also just directed a killer music vid
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  6. Ryan Pfluger. (@ ryanpfluger) dude can take a good portrait. His feed is a mix of work plus iphone pix.. All still feel quiet and poetic regardless if taken with slr or an iPhone
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  7. Alexis Gross (@ alexisjadegross) Raw, unforgiving and occasionally gross photography from this la lady
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