This has been in my drafts for awhile but now I'm moving to queens soon ish so let's celebrate my favs
  1. Coffee: Crema on Driggs, no brainer
    Variety is ok. But does not compare
  2. Diner: Sunset Diner
    Sunset diner is my second home. The decor is all orange and the silver tin ceiling is just...special. Second best: Lite Bites, which is also a well known fav.
  3. Thrifting: Dusty Rose Vintage
    This is a vintage warehouse. It is amazing and insanely cheap. Everything is in bins and it's the best kept secret of the neighborhood
  4. Antiques: Dobbin St Co Op
    Phenomenal! Great selection of particularly 60s-70s items. I have found some great stuff here
  5. Pharmacy: the roller rink turned Duane reade with the disco ball!!
    It's so bizarre
  6. Mexican food: calexico
    Oh HELL yeah
  7. Best dive bar: Irene's
    Irene's is a dive bar on Manhattan and Nassau with 1.50 Jell-O shots. (It recently went up from 1 dollar. I'm going to blame trump) It has a juke box with polish music and mambo number 5. It occasionally smells weird.
  8. Second best dive bar: Pit stop bar
    Who DOESNT want to buy Pringles or cheese it's at the bar? This place has it all
  9. Best WTF is this: Driggs pet wash, where you PAY to wash your own dog
  10. Best boutique: Wolves within
    Great denim selection. I've bought many jumpsuits here.
  11. Best bar to see hot guys: Goldies
    Also: $8 prosecco? Amazing. Love it
  12. Best place to throw a party and listen to JLo: The Call Box Lounge
    When I moved here I would beg my friends to go there. It's right next to the McDonald's on Meeker. Now it's the spot to go to if you're lit af and want to dance to 00's pop music
  13. Best place to spend 10 dollars on a smoothie: Acai Berry
    It's a vegan smoothie/sushi/juice/salad place. I rolled my eyes at it for weeks after it opened before giving in over the summer. I don't even care about spending 10 dollars on a smoothie bc it's that good
  14. Best place I wish I could get into: Polish social club next to Irenes
    This is like the dive bar equivalent of soho house in greenpoint
  15. Best place that closed that shouldn't have: lomzyNianka polish restaurant
    BYOB restaurant that looked like someone's living room. It was the best polish food in greenpoint. I miss it
  16. Best roof: Northern Territory
    Plus: great food and amazing cocktails
  17. Best restaurant I rolled my eyes at then was pleasantly surprised: Selmat Pagi
    White hipster heaven when it's nice out 🙄. I refused to go for so long. My friend dragged me one night...and...fuck, the food is really insanely good. I hate the people who go (myself included) but damn this Indonesian restaurant is incredible if you can look beyond how "Brooklyn" it seems
  18. Most overrated restaurant: five leaves
    Seriously why is there always a line? Mediocre at best
  19. Best place to see a secret show or do metal karaoke: St Vitus
    This place rules! In the depths of greenpoint though