It's almost fashion week and I came to my parents house to mentally prepare/watch Bravo and swim. Here's what is in my room
  1. Here is a really brilliant project I worked on in 2nd grade. I dried out a gourd, painted it white with silver polka dots and pressed on flowers
    Yes I did, in fact, go to art school
  2. Sporty Spice action figure. If you can see, it even has the silver cap and her arm band tattoo
    Girl power
  3. The first camera I fell in love with ❤️ So many memories roaming around Philly with this babe. The ultimate game changer was my tlr/choosing the square format over this tho
  4. My mom wrote this poem for me on my confirmation day. She is the best mom ever - especially because I had an attitude problem in ccd and almost failed.
  5. Pink carpet
  6. Obama 2008 shirt
  7. Aaron Carter x Usher, among other CDs
    Can we get Aaron on this app?
  8. What can I even say about this
  9. Side eye till I die
  10. Mix CDs from an ex. I am still a sucker for this stuff 💔
  11. In high school I worked as a barista and would steal all the nytimes sections and kept the pages that had photos I liked. I still have a huge stack! I loved this shot of hillary.