1. I spent a week living at the Bunny Ranch. See my list from a few months ago. I'm no stranger to strippers and sex workers.
  2. The Wsj sent me to Nevada to do a story and after I decided to drive up to Reno to go to a square dance convention. Along the way, maybe 2 hours outside of Vegas, I decided to stop in this alien themed brothel/rest stop/50s themed diner
    The front looks like a normal rest stop, then you head out back and it's the brothel. The horrified Yelp reviews from moms are hilarious
  3. It is owned by Dennis Hof, who owns the bunny ranch and dozens of others. It's like the Starbucks of brothels. I was not surprised that he capitalized on Area 51 enthusiasts
  4. 🙃
  5. How can you not stop in for the free tour?
  6. I open the door, and I see someone I know. I feel like this would only happen to me.
    I give him a handshake and we continue on our tour
  7. Inside lobby
  8. Inside lobby 2
  9. I ask one of the girls if there are really a lot of alien fetish clients who come in -- she gives me this look like girl, yes
  10. Nerd outfits
  11. Lol
  12. Standard kitchen. They look the same in all of Hof's brothels
  13. Another waiting area
  14. Who is on the board for brothel of the year? Would love to understand judging process
  15. Sensual
  16. Syrup room
  17. 💪🏻