1. When I come out west, I like to do the SF/LA combo. Two months prior I had decided, for whatever reason, to spend 4 days in Reno in between. Truly the weirdest city (Nevada IS the Florida of the west coast) So, when I get the call to spend a week at the bunny ranch I'm like there's no reason for anyone to be in Reno this much in their life
  2. Judith Regan, who published Dennis Hof's memoir(it's 👍. Classic Regan book) tells us to bring bleach because we are living in the suites. I had been working 1.5 months without time off so I was too tired to think of all the weird sex happening in the bed I'm sleeping in lmao
  3. This is Hof's current gf outside my suite. Unlike other girls, she refuses to call him daddy. "Last time I checked my dad's name is Bill" she is a former working girl/so cool
  4. Dennis owns something like 20 brothels in Nevada. Across the street from the bunny ranch is a cul-de-sac of 5 brothers, a strip club, and a restaurant with food named after the girls
  5. After sex, naturally you want hot sauce with Ron Jeremy's face ...?
  6. This chick finishes with a client then shows us her Lego collection that's next to her bed
  7. Thursday's are naked karaoke night. We sing Britney Spears with the girls and clients
  8. "Frito salad". This is what you eat at the Bunny Ranch. By the end of the week I just really wanted to be in Brooklyn eating a kale salad
  9. Strippers at his club strip to Lady Antebellum "need you now"
  10. The dynamic at the bunny ranch is so "normal" that you almost forget people are having sex for money. (I 100% legalized prostitution. Regulation is key)
  11. After a week I leave and go on the Kidz bop tour, naturally
  12. Oh and I met Air Force Amy. She uses LinkedIn to get clients (!)