1. When I come out west, I like to do the SF/LA combo. Two months prior I had decided, for whatever reason, to spend 4 days in Reno in between. Truly the weirdest city (Nevada IS the Florida of the west coast) So, when I get the call to spend a week at the bunny ranch I'm like there's no reason for anyone to be in Reno this much in their life
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  2. Judith Regan, who published Dennis Hof's memoir(it's 👍. Classic Regan book) tells us to bring bleach because we are living in the suites. I had been working 1.5 months without time off so I was too tired to think of all the weird sex happening in the bed I'm sleeping in lmao
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  3. This is Hof's current gf outside my suite. Unlike other girls, she refuses to call him daddy. "Last time I checked my dad's name is Bill" she is a former working girl/so cool
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  4. Dennis owns something like 20 brothels in Nevada. Across the street from the bunny ranch is a cul-de-sac of 5 brothers, a strip club, and a restaurant with food named after the girls
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  5. After sex, naturally you want hot sauce with Ron Jeremy's face ...?
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  6. This chick finishes with a client then shows us her Lego collection that's next to her bed
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  7. Thursday's are naked karaoke night. We sing Britney Spears with the girls and clients
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  8. "Frito salad". This is what you eat at the Bunny Ranch. By the end of the week I just really wanted to be in Brooklyn eating a kale salad
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  9. Strippers at his club strip to Lady Antebellum "need you now"
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  10. The dynamic at the bunny ranch is so "normal" that you almost forget people are having sex for money. (I 100% legalized prostitution. Regulation is key)
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  11. After a week I leave and go on the Kidz bop tour, naturally
  12. Oh and I met Air Force Amy. She uses LinkedIn to get clients (!)
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