It's hard for me to relate to someone who doesn't love Blink 182. There have been two times in my life I've felt star struck - Oprah and Mark Hoppus. I've been listening to the new album (that I love, despite many arguments amongst friends) this week, so I've been revisiting basically all of their albums.
  1. Dammit
    This list is not ranked in order of importance, but if it were, dammit would be #1 still. This song is a fucking classic. I would blast this in my car during high school, it's both a great breakup and workout song...AND it's also the perfect go to karaoke song. My friends and I always lose our voices screaming this
  2. First Date
    I listened to this song every fucking day when I met ❤️Peter❤️, my first kiss. I met him at the jersey shore and he was a tall surfer. Super hot. Then he made fun of me relentlessly when I started shopping at hot topic 😘 Where are you now, my love??
  3. Sober
    Off the new album. This is a banger. It's the one I've gravitated toward the most. That, and "she's out of her mind"
  4. Always
    This is a beautiful song. I think of all the summer nights on my dad's boat listening to this song on my pink CD player....
  5. The Rock Show
    Doesn't this make you wish warped tour was still cool????????? Fml. This song is a crowd pleaser. Can't go wrong
  6. Pathetic
    Unrelated - album art for dude ranch is brilliant
  7. M+M's
    Historically I have always listened to this whenever I have a crush on someone. Ugh. Classic.
  8. Josie
  9. She's Out Of Her Mind
    Good summer song. Cute. I approve.
  10. Man Overboard
    This song will be relevant in my life probably until forever unless I get married (there's always divorce! 😛)
  11. After Midnight
    Went out with a guy who is a music manager not too long ago. He said Neighborhoods was his favorite album. I was like 🤔 dude? Then I listened to the album a few times and I think it's very underrated. I really enjoy it