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  1. Cindy Sherman will forever be my Beyonce. No one compares. I love this body of work so much -- it was being shown for the first time just as I moved to New York. Seeing these in enormous prints just left me completely in awe. Totally different experience in viewing photos on a screen or a book
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  2. Alec Soth's Niagara is a classic and hits me straight in the gut. It's always a great book to revisit. The notes in it... O m g
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  3. I worked in the LIFE archive for a few years and I can say with the utmost certainty that Nina Leen is the most underrated life photographer ever. This was from a GOP women's smoker. She covered everything from celebs to fashion to pears shaped like animals...they all have this kind of bizarre, awkward and strange quality
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  4. Andrew Bush's portraits of drivers shot with a large format camera in his car. I had dinner with Angelyne in La and she told me it wasn't staged and she found it and threatened to sue if he didn't pay
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  5. Nicolai Howalt's car crash studies...these prints look like paintings. Going to buy one
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  6. Barbara Crane. Her close ups from private views, shot at summer festivals, are among my all time favorite pix
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  7. Juliana Beasley's work from the Rockaways. She's a special person...very immersive in her work in ways I admire. I assisted her once in college and it was really fascinating to watch her work. Her book Lapdancer, shot during her stripper days, is also one of my favs
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  8. Alex Prager... Universal appeal with her pix and films
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  9. Helen Levitt's color street photography. Very rare for this period of time! Before it was cool or respected... Such a pioneer
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