Susan Miller said this year was going to be πŸ’― and it pretty much was. Here are some work highlights
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    Rachel Dolezal
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    Of course you remember Dolezal. I don't think I need to give you the crash course. Long story short: after the small Vanity Fair interview, she really did not do any press. Mitchell Sunderland, my writer equivalent of a soulmate, reached out to her and wrote an absolutely compelling and complex profile. We traveled to Spokane and spent the weekend with her in her home and at her baby shower.
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    Paris Hilton
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    I have a lot of respect for Paris Hilton. It drives me nuts when people thinks she's stupid--are you JOKING? She's laughing all the way to the bank. This article for Broadly profiled her business efforts and also revealed the origins of her baby voice LOL
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    Chefs who left NYC
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    For living in NYC for like 8/9 years, I've never traveled upstate. T magazine sent me to Tivoli, hudson, Connecticut and Massachusetts during the most beautiful time of year. I felt like I was driving through a postcard and it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had all year. (even alone!) highly recommend hotel Tivoli. The art in that hotel is fucking insane
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    Thunder from down under
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    Lmao. Call them strippers and be prepared to get put in your place. I would know. I called them strippers and their manager said they weren't, and insisted they empower women. I didn't (and still don't) argue with that. I go, "so they're like, feminist exotic dancers?" And they didn't like that either. You just can't please men, can you?
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    Floating points
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    Shallow, maybe, but I mostly just had a crush on him while photographing. Weakness for guys in glasses Xoxo
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    Shoes for Barneys
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    These photos make me wish i liked fancy things and dressing up to go out. I really enjoy working on fashion shoots because it's really a completely different way of working. Especially when you're working for a place like Barneys
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    Making dildos for vice
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    Wow. What a life experience to make a huge dildo in a Los Angeles warehouse. My mom actually loved this story
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    The first women's national hockey league in the United States
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    This felt like a historic moment. Everyone was so stoked to be there and it was so awesome to see a bunch of young girls SCREAMING their heads off defending the New York team, the riveters
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    Adult prom
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    Prom. For adults. Shot for VICE. This was at a hotel in the depths of Long Island. It was depressing and I also had been there for a doctor who convention a year earlier
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    Toast for the Park Hyatt
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    Lol yes I got paid to do this
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    Lilly Pulitzer HQ
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    Caused a lot of feelings 😳
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    I spent five days with insane clown posse
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    And watched juggalos tear the head off a lobster then body slam it
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    Business week sent me on the Kidz Bop tour
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    I had no idea this was as big of a thing as it is
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    I lived at the Bunny Ranch for a week
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    See my list a few below if you're curious
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    I spent 20 hours at a strip club for VICE
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    I ate breakfast lunch and dinner at a strip club. It was the hardest thing I've had to endure LOL. The morning of I was photographing Emily Weiss of into the gloss for the times and then I went directly to show palace, an all nude strip club
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    Rachel antonoff lookbook
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    Super cute
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    My best friend
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    Music for cats for the nytimes
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    Plus a million other things that might offend your parents