Some standouts after a few too many eye roll worthy convos this week
  1. Man: Where in Greenpoint do you live? Me: Near McGorlick park. Man: Really? I've been working over there recently Me: What are you working on in Greenpoint? Man: Community service. Picking up trash. You should meet me there tomorrow and bring me a sandwich.
    Did not bring him a sandwich
  2. Me: I'm still in school--I go to FIT. Man: Oh, wow. You must be mega smart. Do you build, like, robots and stuff? You are so cool. Me: You are thinking of MIT. I go to the fashion school, the only thing people are building are dresses. *Man straight up walks away"
    I'm 26 now, older and wiser
  3. Man: were any of your relatives involved with Charles Manson family? I feel like they definitely were
    No. Wouldn't let it go
  4. "I'm genuinely surprised that you look the way you do given the photographs you take."
    Because I was wearing a dress
  5. "Are you nervous shooting because of who I am?" -- said in serious tone by someone who is not a celebrity or anyone of note
  6. "Karl wants you to stop taking pictures of him."
  7. "You keepworking hard. The big jobs are gonna come."
    Said by male the other night while shooting nyfw for the New York Times. Hm. Let's look at my schedule bruh
  8. "What's your email? I want to give clients your email just in case I'm busy or don't want to do a shoot."
  9. "You went to an alien brothel? Oh god I feel like people are over listening to our conversation..."
    Guy I was on date with embarrassed about people overhearing my travel stories LOL
  10. "Your dad is a trump supporter? I'm surprised you still talk to him. How can you continue a relationship like that?"
    Well. He's my dad.
  11. "Maybe I'd like Amy if she wore crop tops"