Finally watching this.
  1. Where is Rob's new accent from?
    Bro you are a rich kid from Calabasas
  2. Can they break up already?
    The entire show is based off their new relationship which is a total disaster
  3. They are fighting over French fries
    "You have a chemical balance and you're fucking psycho path". They are fighting because fries spilled bc Rob didn't want to hold them
  4. Can Chyna's mom get a tv show?
    Would watch
  5. Can Chyna's dad get a tv show?
    Like, the bachelor-esque. Would watch
  6. Rob is a baby bitch
    You're a grown ass man. Get it together
  7. Rob's clothing line and socks are so corny
  8. King is real cute. Chyna seems like a good mom and Rob is a wet blanket
  9. Chyna's sofa looks so comfy
  10. Can these camera people hold a camera still? Jesus Christ
  11. Why did I just want 5 episodes of this
  12. Rob is toilet dad