I don't know how I went this long without ever watching an episode
  1. Suddenly I understand dozens of references from current shows
  2. Is he supposed to be playing an actually successful comedian? It's very vague.
  3. His apartment in season one is VERY gray. It's extremely off putting
    The color palettes that change ever so slightly in s2 aren't much better
  4. It seems like Jerry is successful, yet his blue sofa... 😳
    The sofa just switched to a grayish teal color in the episode im now watching
  5. Elaine's roommate is amazing. I hope she gets a bigger part or dates Cramer. Don't tell me. Or tell me.
  6. Jerry: definitely hot
    S1 and 2 at least.
  7. Why do they all have cars that they use on dates in nyc?
    Not practical
  8. How old are they supposed to be?
  9. Elaine's style ❗️💯
    The fringe jacket and boxy blazers. Amazing
  10. I get why everyone likes this show
  11. Update: Kramer and Elaine's roomate hooked up OMG
  12. Update on jerry's hot factor: the mullet developing is killing the vibe
    Would still hook up with him though