The New York Times asks me to go to parties and I'm like yeah, sure 🍸
  1. Let me be real: def not the cobra snake. I will shoot parties when the times asks me to
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  2. This felt like some surreal paparazzi moment at a harpers bazaar party. I was waiting for Mariah Carey and I see them come and go in an instant
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  3. Turn up
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  4. Another one from the harpers party... Love this one of Tavi Gevinson
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  5. Opening ceremony fashion week party downtown of course.
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  6. What's her name from oitnb? She was teaching everyone a dance at the opening night of Hamilton
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  7. Most beautiful family of all time at the Glamour awards
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  8. Caitlyn Jenner
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  9. Naked Warwick rowing calendar party
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  10. Viola Davis introduced herself to Reese Witherspoon, she goes "I know who you are" ❤️
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  11. The girls from Broad City told me that I was the only cool person in the room at the Gotham awards 👸
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  12. Comedian Bridget Everett: "so this is only of my boobs right?"
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  13. Peter Dinklage
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  14. This broke my heart into a million pieces
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  15. On the red carpet people asked kate Upton the dumbest questions. I actually felt bad for her they were so dumb
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  16. Opening ceremony again
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  17. Alec Baldwin's wife had just given birth and he immediately hosted the fragrance awards right after. "how are Kim and Kanye?" He asked as he hugged kendall. And I sat on the sofa alone and watched.
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  18. Saw van halen lol
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  19. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  20. She is so stunning irl -- not that she isn't on screen -- but really breathtakingly beautiful
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  21. Tony awards
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  22. Tommy tune's tony awards after party was craaaaazy in a hotel suite
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  23. Mom and dad
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  24. Gigi.
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  25. Alison williams
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  26. 💃
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  27. Hehe
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  28. Love the details
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  29. Sjp and Matthew Broderick at Hamilton opening
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  30. Epic Madame Albright selfie
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