A few notables I think about often
  1. Skechers HQ
    Everyone I know spends their free time thinking about relationships, food, movies, whatever. Me? I have spent way too much time wondering how Skechers is so profitable for never really ever being cool. This keeps me up at night and I wanted to understand by visiting their hq. I imagine it to be a Skechers utopia where everyone wears shape ups. They said no.
  2. Drake
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    This is a fresh wound. Let's revisit this in a year.
  3. Rockaway Rod, the rockaway's resident Rod Stewart lookalike.
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    A publication pitched this idea to me and obviously I was like "yes. Let's do this." I track him down via FB and he seems into it. We talk on the phone for 45 mins about his life (professional, the Rockaways, and his love life) we settle on a day for me to spend. He stands me up. I call him, he says he doesn't feel well--we set another day. He stands me up again. He then proceeds to call me at 4am. I text him "did you mean to call me?" He replies "yes." He then stands me up again and I give up
  4. Tara Reid
    I came out to California and she cancelled. Ouch 💔 I've been stood up by so many z listers it's truly insane
  5. Adults on razor scooters
    I see this so often and I never have my camera. I once saw an entire family on scooters. This is such a thing in nyc and I'm curious if it happens elsewhere
  6. Heidi Fleiss
    When I was in Nevada for the Bunny Ranch we were supposed to see her. It didn't end up happening. I have a feeling this will happen eventually
  7. American Girl Fashion show
    Yes it's a thing and it fell apart for so many reasons