Not my favorite place, but still fun. Here for work, not *that* much time to explore but yes I saw the ping pong show
  1. Near the Platinum mall
  2. This dog was wearing a red bull shirt. I tried to find this for my dog and failed
  3. Some great clothes you can get at the many malls
  4. A goat at the taling chan floating market
  5. The many mopeds that will basically run you over
  6. Flowers in the lobby of the metropolitan hotel
  7. Lumpini park
  8. Decor
  9. Traffic in Bangkok is hell
  10. Our vans to get to set ... Omg it was amazing
  11. 😛
  12. Wise
  13. 🌟
  14. Scene from tuk tuk
  15. More cabs
  16. Time to hit the road again.