A few favs
  1. Normcore
    One of my first assignments after leaving my job at time to freelance became a meme instantly. Shot for New York magazine
  2. Upworthy
    The other founder was so afraid I was going to do what the New Yorker did with Bustle LOL. For nymag
  3. I learned how to make a dildo for Broadly, VICE's new women's site
  4. That Lilly Pulitzer hq photo...
    I shot that. I pitched a story to go into their HQ and that's what I found
  5. I lived at the Bunny Ranch for a week
    This is the only photo that's been released. It comes out in a few wks. I stayed in one of the "suites". Aka yes people had sex in the bed I slept in. After the first day it felt very normal which I don't know what that says about me or Dennis Hof's business
  6. I hung out with insane clown posse for a weekend
    They are very normal dads. We went to their show and it was one of the best concerts I've been to in my life. I was so terrified of my camera getting ruined my faygo that I bought a new one just in case
  7. Barneys paid me to do this. For real
  8. I met Susan Olsen who is the baddest bitch/my favorite Brady!
  9. I photographed sociopath party monster Michael Alig a week after release from prison
    Gave him a cronut and he sobbed. This photo is so loaded on many levels
  10. Went to Atlanta to photograph former wrestler turned yogi diamond dallas page
    We ate kale salad together
  11. Spent a week with Sydney Leathers, anthony weiner's mistress
    She rules