1. Mayer Hawthorne: just ain't gonna work out
  2. Belle and Sebastian: dress up in you
  3. Jenny Lewis: Godspeed
  4. The Magic Numbers: I see you, you see me
  5. Fleetwood Mac: say goodbye
  6. Dr. Dog: die, die, die
  7. The dodos: winter
  8. Broken Social Scene: anthems for a seventeen year old girl
  9. The magnetic fields: stray with me
  10. The magnetic fields: all I want to know
  11. Azaelia banks: soda
  12. Why?: Simeon's dilemma
  13. Nico: These Days
  14. The Cure: Pictures of You
  15. Neil Young: Harvest moon
    The fact that this isn't on spotify is tragic
  16. Third eye blind: how's it gonna be
    Plus every song they've ever done
  17. The shirelles: will you still love me tomorrow?
  18. Mary J Blige: I'm going down
  19. Cursive: the recluse
  20. Paul Baribeau: falling in love with your best friend
  21. Whispertown2000: I should have known
  22. Stevie Nicks: secret love
  23. Rihanna: get it over with
  24. Outkast: prototype
  25. Daft punk: instant crush
  26. Daniel Johnston: some things last a long time
  27. Spice girls: too much
    Cmon. Amazing
  28. Voxtrot: ghost
  29. Madonna: I fucked up
  30. Nana grizol: tambourine n thyme
  31. Tegan and Sara: this is everything
  32. "Bridal Train," The Waifs
    Suggested by @biz
  33. Ben Folds: Still
    Suggested by @olive
  34. Kelis: Get Along With You
    Suggested by @olive
  35. Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism
    Suggested by @shmem