Eventually. But sooner rather than later.
  1. Work on/create a non-cheesy photo oriented children's book with a writer
    Keyword: not cheesy. Lots of room to be awful but i think this could be something in between a kids book and an art book. This would be so fun and creatively challenging.
  2. Start doing video. I'd like to make documentaries, but I'm not going to do this until it's visually perfected and looks like my photos.
    Basically want the docs to look like Fiona Apple's music vid for criminal
  3. Relearn german
    I took it all throughout middle school and hs -- it's such a beautiful language. Would like to spend more time in Germany
  4. Expand side project on the last of square dance clubs in america
    This pic was taken at a square dance graduation. It's a dying art in America that hasn't translated into modern times effectively
  5. Spend time (and photograph) in the Republic of Molossia, a micronation in Nevada
  6. Finally shoot a mini horse show. It somehow never works out schedule wise ever