Part 1
  1. While living at the bunny ranch a prostitute showed me her Lego collection and told me her alien conspiracy theories/how she thought the Kardashian's were the people calling the shots globally, not political leaders (Prob true)
  2. I stood next to Oprah. Multiple times. 👸
  3. I watched a stripper strip to Nickleback
  4. Michael Alig sobbed while eating a cronut
  5. I watched someone smoke kale and a Freaky Friday DVD. My mom was proud of this one
  6. Karl Lagerfeld told me to stop taking photos of him
  7. I watched Times Square characters be pervy with Sydney Leathers
  8. I told the owner of Kidz Bop about my stay at the Bunny Ranch
  9. I surrendered my soul at a satanic art gallery
  10. Uma Thurman screamed at me
  11. I watched Barry Williams help a guy propose to his brady bunch loving GF
  12. I watched Barry Williams rap to an EMINEM song
  13. Barry Williams actually hated me so much
  14. Ate a kale salad with Diamond Dallas Page
  15. Someone asked me if I was Humans of New York at a miley Cyrus concert