Better late than never. Shot for vulture
  1. For the record, Oprah art directed her entire portrait session. I could not breathe or object. It's Oprah. She's the boss
  2. I love arrested development. Things I learned during this: Jason Bateman and his dad are nearly identical
  3. It's always cool when someone who is mega famous isn't an ass. He was a nice/hilarious guy
  4. Maisie Williams. Cute lil angel
  5. 🌟 Chris Rock and jj Abrams
  6. Kelly ripa's husband 😜
  7. Viola Davis
  8. Katie Holmes
    Side note: Suri once tried to pet my dog
  9. Enjoyed his presence as well. Obviously a funny guy
  10. "I look like a Russian ice skater" - rose Byrne
  11. Christina Applegate
  12. I somehow see Susan Sarandon everywhere
  13. Amazing
  14. Holy shit how has he not been on my people I'd like to make out with list???
    Whoa babbyyyy