❤️ WAWA ❤️ HQ ❤️

  1. Oh, wawa. Where do I begin?
  2. I am from the Philadelphia area. "My store" was two blocks away from my parents house.
  3. Ugh, how I took the proximity for granted.
  4. "What is wawa?"
    Wawa is the convenience store you drove by in New Jersey (or a select few states). If you're not from the area you don't quite understand the hype, you might feel cheated by the hoagie quality. If so you don't know shit about life
  5. If you speak to a person who lives in a Wawa state, you'll experience a similar reaction. Who thought a convenience store could develop such a strong following?
    It's not that different from in n out in terms of devotees
  6. So, I have spent the past few years trying to convince one of my clients to allow me to do a story investigating the cult of wawa
  7. Finally, someone let me. Mashable. You can read it here: http://mashable.com/2016/03/09/the-cult-of-wawa/#oyYzR3wpqkqA
  8. Here are some photos from the story
  9. This was taken at the thanksgiving food drive at wawa hq in pa
  10. CEO Chris gheysens, who has been with the company 18 years and is still a rookie by wawa standards
    It's not uncommon for Employees stay with the company 30-40 years
  11. Where the milk is made
  12. Internal photographs used at the hq of wawa employees at wawa functions
  13. Wawa cafeteria
  14. Something i would like to own
  15. Where it all began. The home the wood family first bought in the Delaware county area where the hq now stands
  16. The innovation lab where stores are formulated
  17. Wawa innovation and design lab outside
  18. A new sandwich being formulated in the test kitchen
  19. Wawa's resident coffee expert