See a few lists below - I'm working on a project on meetups around the United States with a grant from vsco
  1. This weekend was worldwide instameet 12, and the White House invited a handful of photographers inside to ... Photograph
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    The White House had a longstanding photo ban that was lifted this past July. So, yknow, making up for lost time I suppose
  2. There was a tour, chief White House photographer Pete Souza (above) was there...but mostly it was people just taking photos of areas in the White House you're not normally allowed near
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  3. Everyone is fanning out over Pete and likely annoying him with the amount of photos
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  4. People frolic around the White House taking selfies and posing
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  5. Green room
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  6. Bill
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  7. 📷
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  8. They tell me not to use flash after awhile because it ruins the art 😟
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  9. Want these chairs honestly
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  10. "I really respect your outfit choice for the White House," an Instagram employee says to me. Lmao. Overalls and a tiger shirt.
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  11. After a few hours in Obama's house I head back to New York because who are we kidding, dc sucks
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    *but the meetup was fun
  12. If there is a list app meetup in nyc or la soon I would go to it 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷