See a few lists below - I'm working on a project on meetups around the United States with a grant from vsco
  1. This weekend was worldwide instameet 12, and the White House invited a handful of photographers inside to ... Photograph
    The White House had a longstanding photo ban that was lifted this past July. So, yknow, making up for lost time I suppose
  2. There was a tour, chief White House photographer Pete Souza (above) was there...but mostly it was people just taking photos of areas in the White House you're not normally allowed near
  3. Everyone is fanning out over Pete and likely annoying him with the amount of photos
  4. People frolic around the White House taking selfies and posing
  5. Green room
  6. Bill
  7. 📷
  8. They tell me not to use flash after awhile because it ruins the art 😟
  9. Want these chairs honestly
  10. "I really respect your outfit choice for the White House," an Instagram employee says to me. Lmao. Overalls and a tiger shirt.
  11. After a few hours in Obama's house I head back to New York because who are we kidding, dc sucks
    *but the meetup was fun
  12. If there is a list app meetup in nyc or la soon I would go to it 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷