A selection while I'm waiting for family to get here
  1. A clear orange glass head
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  2. Broken trophy
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    Always a winner
  3. This giraffe
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  4. Religious statue
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    Not an organized religion type. Though my family accused me of being a witch last night
  5. Ice cream cone cookie jar
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    Grandma in training
  6. Eagle goblet type of thing
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  7. Iconic records
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  8. More records
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    Queen is in rough shape
  9. I feel so many feelings looking at this. Beautiful cover / album art. Seriously incredible
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  10. Bobby brown... Iconic
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  11. Fresh prince lol. I bought like 30 records and all of them are amazing
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  12. Not pictured: plane tickets, paint, new kitchen furniture and lots of clothes..
  13. Tis the season yall
  14. (Yes I bought my family presents too)