Help me be a good daughter
  1. I'm going to take my mom somewhere for 5 days or so. I'm looking for something ~relaxing~ near a beach/lake and not terribly difficult to get to via flight from Philadelphia. She most likely won't go international unless it's an island (lol). Curious if anyone has been somewhere worth recommending.
  2. Xoxo
  3. Kawaii, HI
    Suggested by @obie
  4. Ocean City, NJ
    Suggested by @thecomicswife
  5. Galveston, TX
    Suggested by @thecomicswife
  6. Puerto Rico
    Suggested by @graceofwrath
  7. Charleston, SC. You can easily get to Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island for beach time, plus you can walk around Charleston for awesome food and shops. If you want to go a bit more relaxing, Hilton Head is also a good idea.
    Suggested by @colls39
  8. Puerto Rico
    Lots of fun, yummy food, no passport needed and not many language barriers
    Suggested by @shanaz