Also, seems counter intuitive to her boss magician powers but her life could also be a romcom
  1. Let me preface this by saying I have wanted to photograph female magicians for the longest time. (I have a list of things I want to photograph in my phone) There aren't enough ladies in this field *shocking* 🙀
  2. I found Misty Lee via YouTube and I knew we would get along. She is the Magic Castle's only full time female magician...
    The magic castle is an "exclusive" (you can Prob easily get a dinner reservation) magician's only club in Los Angeles
  3. To teach herself illusion, she watched The Masked magician on fox
  4. Her father was schizophrenic and so she developed a hyperactive way of reading people because she had to be that way with her father
    For "theatrical seance" purposes
  5. While trying to make it as a magician she worked as a dental assistant and was finishing all the pre req to go to dental school
    Gotta pay the bills
  6. A friend gave her a comic book about a female magician Zatanna, written by Paul Dini. "Dude you have to read this, she's got your mouth"
  7. She writes to Dini, who is a legend in comic book space, "you clearly hAve an understanding of magic"
    They fell in love via email. They are now married!
  8. "I don't get the call to be stuffed in a sexy dress and be a prop. I get the call because they've seen my straight jacket piece, and the guy said, "I need power and you're the only one I can find, and I've looked." "I don't want to be a generic chick magician"
  9. "I'm doing jobs guys fight for. Middle fingers for everybody"
    Same!!! Yes!!!!!!