Inspired by @Heartsounds
  1. My name is Amy
    My mom almost named me Elizabeth.
  2. I live in Sydney, Australia
    I was born in Ohio and then moved to New Zealand when I was 24. I'm a Permanent resident of NZ
  3. I work with surgical robots
    I spend most days in operating theatre or the OR as Americans say. I love my job and love my colleagues even more.
  4. I have 2 dogs and a cat
    Tui is a Kelpie x Cattle dog, I rescued him as a puppy and he is the fur love of my life. I have an older Kelpie named Diesel I adopted a few months ago and we call him Rainman cause he's a bit mental. And my boyfriends cat Sam but she likes me way more than she likes him.
  5. I love to sail on big boats
    I spend most weekends sailing and I plan on doing the Sydney to Hobart this year which is one of the toughest races in the world.
  6. I love to run
    I'm training for the Bordeaux marathon aka Le Medoc in September this year. They have wine at every stop. So naturally I'm keeping fit by drinking too.
  7. I met my BF at work
    I have known him for 8 years but we have only been dating for 2. He's a typical Aussie bloke 🏄🏼
  8. I love food
    I study and read about nutrition and sports performance and use myself as a guinea pig. I love to cook my way through cookbooks and never follow the recipes exactly.
  9. I have ADD
    It's pretty bad but also pretty funny. I'm like an old lady always standing somewhere trying to figure out what I'm looking for or doing. I have the worst time remembering names and have a lot is lists to keep me on track. I write everything down before it disappears from my mind.
  10. Tui and Sam