Best Advice (or inspirational quotes) I've Ever Received/heard

So much that I know I'm forgetting but this is a good start and I guess I can always add in later.
  1. Never let your heart get so hard that you can't be taken advantage of
    Pastor Bubba Justice... What a name! This was after Hurricane Katrina and a group of us were stayin in his church while doing some relief work. This has become my life's mantra. If you give and you're open you will be taken advantage of, but think about all the blessings you will miss out on if you don't.
  2. You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.
  3. Time heals all
    It's not exactly true but time does change things and I guess even when things heal you still have scars but if you just hang on then you may be surprised.
  4. If your going through hell keep going.
    When going through hell this is the worst time you can ever sit down and give up.
  5. Treat the janitor like the CEO.
    I work in sales and I think it's so important to treat everyone the same no matter what.
  6. Who you love in your twenties will be different that who you love in your thirties.
    Yep mom you were spot on!
  7. When they go low you go high.
    Nice one Michelle!
  8. If you need motivation to go for a run but aren't feeling like it just get dressed in your running gear.
    I use this trick ALL the time and it works 99 times out of 100! Works for gym as well. And work possibly "get up dress up show up"