1. My name is Tui
    My mum misses NZ and I'm black and white like a Tui bird so the name stuck.
  2. I'm adopted from the Australian working dog rescue
    My name was Eucy (for eucalyptus) and when I was still a very little puppy some farmer shot my fur mum. (😢) my photo was on FB but someone else was going to adopt me so my mum was sad because she fell in love with me at first sight..., then 2 weeks later the first adoption fell through and it was a miracle because I got the right mum. This was the photo that she fell in love with.
  3. Adoption day!
  4. I was born on my mums birthday
    It's definitely a sign
  5. I'm half Kelpie half Aussie cattle dog
  6. I worship the "ball" or "orb" (what my mum calls it when she's trying to be sneaky)
    I wake up and immediately run outside ready to catch the ball over and over again! It never gets old and I'm very good at catching it
  7. I have Border Collie Collapse/Exercise Induced collapse syndrome
    If I exercise for longer than a few minutes with the ball it's like I get so excited my brain forgets to regulate my body temperature and I overheat. To keep cool I sometimes go for a swim instead of to the park.
  8. I'm now 2.5 years old and very handsome
  9. When I don't get enough exercise I get crazy eyes
  10. Will you throw my ball
  11. I am very spoiled
    I have 3 beds, one on the floor next to the human bed, one in the living room, and one outside. I eat dry food in the morning and K9 natural raw food at night.
  12. I do not like the vet
  13. Will you Please throw my ball
  14. When I'm Bad I chase other dogs and try to herd them not in a nice way, I dig small holes occasionally, I jump up on people and pull on the lead since the humans aren't fast enough.
  15. I used to eat my beds but I grew out of it
  16. Have you seen my frisbee?
  17. Night night