Oh how exciting my first request! In all of the places I have lived Sydney is my favourite to run. The weather is perfect except for mid summer when it's a bit hot. I try to mix it up and run on asphalt and grass when I can but most running in Sydney is concrete paths.
  1. The Bay run
    Its a loop sound the iron cove on the water so it's very pretty. It's a 7k loop, there are 3 water fountains on route, and most people are very slow or poorly dressed which will make you feel very good about yourself
  2. The City to Surf
    Yes it's a race but it's monstrous!!!! with 80k people starting in the city and finishing at Bondi beach so I really look forward running it every year.
  3. Anywhere along the parramatta river
    Most of the river is lined with trails and bike paths. See Sydney Walker app.
  4. Great North Walk
    Start at Boronia Ave Hunters Hill and you immediately forget you are in the biggest City in Australia