TEXTS FROM MY MOM (may 2016)

Here are some random out of context texts from my mom. She's funny.
  1. •
    I'm so sick of that fucking gorilla id shoot it myself right now😊
    We are from Cincinnati so hard to escape all of the Gorilla talk.
  2. •
    (She loves memes too)
  3. •
    4 hrs - shoot me to hell with shooting the gorilla
  4. •
    With hold sex or conversation? 😳😆😆😆😆
    Teaching me all about wielding the passive aggressive sword. She's expert level.
  5. •
    I came close to saying well I'm glad we don't have to listen to the prince shit now we can talk about the fucking dead gorilla
  6. •
    I'm going to get seven parents and they are going to shit on you
    She meant to say "Parrots"
  7. •
    I don't have any parents so I'm going to take other people's parents
    Still talking about those parrots but taking the piss now
  8. •
    And Prince too.. A rich ass drug addict - shoot his purple ass too
  9. •
    Insane -- get another dog - kids drive ya nuts lol
    Sage advice!
  10. •
  11. •
    By the third child should be driving down the driveway and drop them off without even stop in the van
    Or feeding them to Gorillas.