In case you were wondering...
  1. A dentist
    Why? I was five, lost my first tooth, and was fascinated by it.
  2. A sports shoe store owner
    Circa age seven. I loved sneakers. I still love sneakers. And teeth.
  3. A writer
    Age eight. I write every day to this day. Not book material, but songs and other things.
  4. An Olympic track athlete
    I was nine, my sister was 12 and she ran track. I had my first taste of a track meet and I loved it. I also probably thought I was fast so I'd be good at this sport.
  5. An Olympic swimmer
    I liked swimming and the Olympics. Probably same time as track athlete
  6. A snowboarder
    Year 2001. Hook, line, sinker. I wanted to ride and then in 2002 when Kelly Clark won everything, yes.
  7. A surfer
    Rocket Power.
  8. A skateboarder
    Also Rocket Power.
  9. Clearly I liked extreme sports. Still do.
  10. A musician/songwriter
    2003. I needed a guitar after seeing School Of Rock and here we are.
  11. Yup. Still a musician.
  12. And a sailor
  13. And a skier
  14. And a writer
  15. But if I had to pick one
  16. Musician