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Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Okay, so five years from now...
  2. ...I'll be 37.
  3. Whoa... That's like almost 40.
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  1. It wasn't a suicide.
  2. FIND MY KILLER!!!!!!!
  3. Also, get my body away from my dog before he eats it. Gross, right?
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  1. Laid on the couch feeling sick
  2. Wondered if my dog could tell I was sick
  3. Googled: Can dogs tell if you are sick
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  1. What kind of milk do use?
  2. Interested in building/decorating a gingerbread house?
  3. We just saw an episode of GG where Dorothy gets married. Last episode?
  4. We will-be fine. Do u want the wine we did not open?
Life lessons. At a young age. I'll never forget.
  1. You can't trust future tellers
  2. Gum comes in two flavors: mint and fruit
  3. Cutting off a mattress tag is potentially a felony ?
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Because today's the day to feel it.
  1. Days off
    All play and no work...
  2. Warm freshly made food
    Yes I'll have more please
  3. Tv that is so easy to watch and binge on
    Technology! I love you.....
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  1. A teenage boy yelled "you look really cute today" at me... I'm a 32 year old woman wearing yoga pants covered in dog hair, so naturally I was insanely flattered
  2. I spent some time looking at this stump
  3. But then I got distracted by my shadow, cause I'm a narcissistic, and hell- maybe I DO look cute today
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You guys, I just need to get this off my chest
  1. Quentin Tarantino
  2. Pie
I hear him saying his lines, but in my mind he is only saying...
  1. "Murdered by pirates is good."