1. A clown
    Because they make people happy
  2. A firefighter
    Because they save people, and wear fun hats
  3. Miss Piggy
    Because. Obvious reasons.
  4. A mom/teacher
    Because, grown ups I already know are these things.
  5. An actor, but like a famous one.
    Because, famous. Also, still hanging on to the Miss Piggy dream.
  6. An astronaut
    Because, awesome.
  7. A vet
    Because, animals!
  8. A zoo keeper
    Because, animals! With less science classes!
  9. An MTV VJ
    Because, I wanna marry the lead singer of Silverchair.
  10. An art teacher
    Because, art! But safe.
  11. An animator
    Because, art! But dorky!
  12. An illustrator.
    Because, art! And writing!
  13. The end
    But also, I still wanna be Miss Piggy