Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Okay, so five years from now...
  2. ...I'll be 37.
  3. Whoa... That's like almost 40.
  4. So basically I'll be dead, right?
  5. Jesus.
  6. Uh, so... Where will I be?
  7. Well hopefully alive
  8. And happy I guess?
  9. Maybe in a nicer apartment...
  10. And hopefully I'll be working on some cool stuff I'm excited about
  11. I really hope my dog will still be alive
  12. Maybe teleportation will be a thing??
  13. Probably not.
  14. But maybe they'll be some cool television to watch?
  15. Fingers crossed!
  16. Cool.
  17. Well, see you in the future, I guess