I've never missed a season, and this is why:
  1. Bitches
    Seriously, the shade that the designers throw at each other, especially in their confessionals, could make a grown man cry. It's cruel, yes, but damn if it's not entertaining.
  2. People with real dreams and work ethics are rewarded
    Repeat: hard work is rewarded on this show. These people don't just want to be on camera, they want to legitimately advance their careers. The slackers get sent home and the hard workers are showered with gifts... It's the way life should be.
  3. Everything about Tim Gunn
    I can't believe how after close to what, 57 seasons of this show?, Tim Gunn still seems to genuinely care about each designer. I mean, to the point that he is honestly moved to tears when they succeed, and I DARE you not to shed tears with him!
  4. It celebrates risk taking
    the judges always take a moment to celebrate that a designer took a risk, even when it fails. I think that just sends such a wonderful message into the television universe.
  5. It embraces creativity
    Three words: unconventional materials challenge. The way this show pushes artists outside their comfort zones to make them grow inspires me but also makes me crazy jealous. If there was a Project Illustration, I'd sign up so fast just for the kick in the pants. However, that would be a really boring show about people sitting quietly and drawing and then taking breaks to drink tea and pet cats....
  6. Making clothes is magic (?!)
    I have no idea how clothes are made! These people are all absolute wizards as far as I can tell. All I see is heaps of fabric on tables and then somehow that becomes PANTS?! I must be the perfect audience for this show, because I am awestruck Every. Single. Time.
  7. The judges don't agree
    I love how the judges all have smart and thoughtful opinions of their own. They don't just yell out general praise with smatterings of bland disapproval, they really seem to put actual thought into what they are saying, while still being sassy and entertaining. Good show, judges, good show.
  8. That dog that lives at Mood
    I mean, I don't even know if it's still the same dog? It can't be. Right? It died and was replaced at some point? Well, anyways it adorable, and nothing finishes up a frantic fabric buying montage like a shot of a confused looking dog.