1. I Crave / Resent Attention
    I physically require constant recognition and attention and praise and approval like i am a meter that runs out and needs to be filled but when I lie in my bed and no one can see me or hear me I am probably happiest
  2. I am the Least Chill
    I hate being told to calm down. But I am always thinking "whoa can you chill out" I would never say it because I'm not a sewer rat seeking revenge on innocent humans for killing my family and destroying the planet I call home but i think it over and over again which is probably worse. Can everyone just chill out for a second. Amy? Can you?
  3. I Hate Beat Poetry
    I hate beat and slam poetry but I'm always saying art is subjective so you don't have to hate beat poetry but I do and I'll promise to judge you if you like it
  4. I Suck At Writing This List
    I love making lists but I can guarantee that if you met some of the people I went to high school with they could provide a much more compelling and in depth list of my contradictions with explanations and examples that they'd say will sit above my eyebrows in the furrow of my forehead for the rest of my life but I think I can move around