Today I flew home from a holiday with my parents to the southernmost state of Aus, TASMANIA. Call us fkn crazy for driving around that weird little place in the dead of winter but I had the greatest time. Who would've thought. My parents are great. I love them.
  1. Buying the funkiest ring from spacebar gallery in Salamanca that cost me 3 weeks pay but was so weird I felt compelled
  2. Watching a v frazzled Irish couple try to pressure hose their giant caravan at the gas station on the way to the airport. I am not good enough with words to conjure an image of how hilarious this moment was but Ena and I were wheezing. Why are people so great
  3. Hugging my stupid poopy tonight because even though exploring this country is a privilege I deeply enjoy there is really no place like home.
  4. Additional list item to just take some time to mull over how terrible these lists seem to be and that I just used the phrase "there is no place like home" I should get that copyrighted huzzzzzzaaaahhh
  5. Merry Christmas