1. To get admitted to hospital suffering from "exhaustion" and spend a couple of days chilling, while everyone is like, "Leave Amy alone, she's sooooo tired."
  2. To win a significant amount of money on a scratchcard without ever having to develop a sad scratchcard habit.
  3. To win money as part of a lottery syndicate without having to be the person in charge of collecting the money, minding the ticket, etc.
  4. To receive a letter informing me that I am the only surviving next of kin of a moderately wealthy person.
  5. To land a role in a film about ballet that requires me to become a competent ballerina.
  6. Giphy
  7. To become very famous/well-respected in one field and get invited to compete in a dance reality show... where I floor everyone with what a talented dancer I am.
  8. To become the type of person who owns a spiraliser and uses it often.
  9. To own a slow cooker and become the type of person who people consult before buying their own slow cooker. "Ask Amy, she'll know."